Victor Cruz: The Unbreakable Soul

FILE: Victor Cruz Close to Deal With Giants

I think it’s safe to say Victor Cruz has been through a lot. Nothing has ever come easy for him since his days growing up in Paterson, New Jersey. He has had to fight for everything even when he was at the top. It seems there is always another obstacle that plants itself in front of Cruz, but he always finds away to get past it. This is why Cruz is my absolute favorite player in the NFL. I have simply adored his fairytale story and his determination to be the best no matter what bump he hits on his road to greatness. And even though he hasn’t played every single game like his quarterback Eli Manning, if Cruz can rebound from his injuries this season he will prove to be the ultimate iron man. Not because of his ability to play every game, something he definitely hasn’t done, but because of his unbreakable soul.

Like I mentioned earlier there has just been a long list of obstacle after obstacle for Victor Cruz. Despite all these obstacles, he has managed to attack every single one with the same determination and hunger to overcome it. The attitude has resulted in nothing but positives, as it has made Cruz both a better player and a better person. This guy has never let his fame and stardom get to him. He has always stayed humble and been thankful for his blessings time and time again. Let’s take a look at some of these obstacles Vic’s been able to overcome and why his most recent one will become just another book on the shelf.

It started all the way back in high school. Vic attended Paterson Catholic High School and even though he put up some very productive numbers and earned All-State Honors in his senior year while his team went undefeated, he had a hard time getting offers from top-level colleges. Although he did land a smaller division one school, the University of Massachusetts, Cruz struggled to combine his football with his academics, resulting in him getting sent home multiple times throughout his collegiate career. He was able to turn himself around, though, and go on to finish fourth all-time in receptions at UMass with 131.

When it came to draft day, Cruz unfortunately didn’t get the call that every NFL hopeful dreams of, but that once again didn’t stop him. Due to his impressive pro day, he got a signed by the New York Giants the very next day after the draft had ended. Cruz may have gone undrafted and had a very tough hill to climb if he wanted to make the Giants 53-man roster, but he was ready for the challenge. The first time the world started to notice Cruz was August 16, 2010 during the Giants annual Snoopy Bowl against their hometown rival New York Jets. Cruz exploded on the scene with 6 catches for 145 yards and 3 touchdowns. He went on to finish the preseason first in the league in receiving yards and tied for first in touchdowns. He was able to climb the hill and make the Giants 53-man roster. Despite Vic’s preseason stardom, the 2010 season unfortunately was not a continuation of that. He only played three games before being placed on injured reserve with a hamstring injury. But next season is an entirely different story.

Entering the 2011 season Cruz had his best chance ever of getting significant playing time, with wide receiver Steve Smith signing elsewhere in free agency and wide receiver Domenik Hixon getting injured, and he jumped all over that chance. His NFL stardom kicked off week 3 against the Philadelphia Eagles. Cruz was huge, racking up his first two NFL touchdowns and 110 receiving yards to go along with it. But that was just the beginning. Cruz was the savior the Giants needed all season long, becoming one of the NFL’s most dangerous wide receivers and helping the Giants win their fourth Super Bowl. He racked up 1,536 receiving yards, which is a Giants single-season record, and 9 touchdowns on 82 catches. Despite being snubbed from the Pro Bowl, Cruz got second-team All-Pro honors. He finally made it big time.

The 2012 season would prove to be more of the same, as Cruz showed the world that he was no one-hit wonder. He totaled 1,092 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns on 86 receptions. He earned a trip to the Pro Bowl and signed a very nice 5-year, $46 million extension with the Giants in the offseason. Cruz was becoming one of the premiere players in the NFL. And then the unthinkable happened.

On week 6 of the 2014 NFL season, Cruz went down with no contact while trying to make an easy touchdown catch. Watching the play it looks like a regular dropped pass. Cruz didn’t land on anything in an awkward position, he didn’t suffer any contact, so the initial though of everyone was that it wasn’t anything serious. But then you saw Cruz just lying on the ground, not moving at all and screaming in pain. Oh no. I remember watching this play and just feeling my heart drop to the floor and shatter into a million pieces. There he was, my NFL idol, not being able to move and having to get placed on the stretcher by medical staff. I was crushed and frantically trying to find out any information I could. Later on I found out the news nobody was hoping to hear; Cruz tore his patellar tendon. His season was over and his career was even called into question since that injury is so severe. Every time I see that play even to this day I still get chills all over my body.

Now, almost two full years after that horrific day, Cruz is finally back. I couldn’t be any happier. I’m sure he and the rest of his Giants family feel the same way. The time is now for Victor to really prove the haters and doubters wrong for good.

It pains me to see such a humble and unselfish man have to go through so much. I desperately hope Cruz comes back and is able to overcome yet another road block that stands in his path. We all do. But if you ask him how he feels about possibly never being the same I’m almost positive he wouldn’t be worried at all. Why? Because it’s just more of the same for Vic when it’s all said-and-done. Yes he’s never had an injury like this before and isn’t used to not playing for so long, but he’s very used to being doubted and having to get past obstacles. Nothing new here folks.

So this Sunday I will be as excited as anybody to watch my NFL hero back out there salsa-dancing in the end zone. I have no doubt that Cruz will come back better than ever and pick up right where he left off. Hopefully Vic is done having to overcome obstacles. Hasn’t he had enough already? But if another one ever does hit him on his way to glory I know he will be able to break free of the tackle like he always has done. The reason for this? His unbreakable soul.





Author: Alex LaRocca

Just a teenager from Jersey who loves to talk about sports

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