NBA Finals Recap: The Series of the Century

NBA: Playoffs-Toronto Raptors at Cleveland Cavaliers

What. A. Series. This series was everything one could have hoped for and then some. Everything one could love about the game of basketball was perfectly exemplified in this series, bringing fans a constant flow of mixed emotions throughout. After the first four games it was widely believed that Golden State would manhandle Cleveland once again and win back-to-back championships, especially after they took a 3-1 series lead. Just when basically everyone gave up on Lebron and his Cavalier crew, they turned the tables completely and proved all the doubters wrong. With their season on the line and back against the wall, Cleveland went on to win their next two games to even it up at 3-3. Now we have ourselves a series. Cleveland regained their respect and put the Warriors in a position where they had their backs against the wall as well. Every basketball fan in America could only think of two words: Game 7. With the way the series was going this game seven should be the greatest game any of us have ever seen. And it most certainly was.

It was the perfect example of what a game seven should be: 48 minutes of nail-biting, down to the wire basketball that came down to a clutch shot to seal the championship. The Cavaliers’ big three came together beautifully in the final moments of the game to help their team win it all. It began with Kyrie Irving’s clutch three-point shot to put the Cavs up by three with 53 seconds left. As he did the entire night, Kyrie danced all over Stephen Curry and capped it off with the shot that won Cleveland the game. Then the attention turned to Kevin Love, who was pretty much a no-show throughout the entire Finals. Down by three with 45 seconds to go, the Warriors were looking to tie the game up, and since it was the Warriors who hit threes with their eyes closed, Cleveland knew they had to lock up the perimeter. Coming off a screen, Love was forced to guard Curry. Curry usually embarrassed Love with his quickness and ball skills, but not the time when it mattered most. Love did a great job of shuffling his feet and staying right by him as Curry tried everything he could to get enough separation so he could throw up a three. Curry was forced to put up a well-contested shot that bounced off the front rim. Then, to put the cherry on the ice cream sundae, Lebron, with 10 seconds left, got fouled hard as he was driving to the basket. As he fell to the ground he landed on his wrist and was clearly in a lot of pain. Nevertheless, Lebron being Lebron got up after a couple of minutes, shook off the pain, and hit the game-clinching free throw to ensure the Cleveland would be receiving their first professional sports trophy in 52 years.

When the final buzzer hit, it was touching to see all the Cavaliers players, staff, and fans run onto the court and just embrace each other in celebration. They have definitely earned the right to do so. Lebron was the most emotional of them all, kneeling on the ground as his face was completely covered in tears. Everyone was hugging, cheering, and going crazy. It was definitely a sight to enjoy. I was just sitting in front of my television, smiling and saying to my family and friends “They really do deserve this.”

When the time came to announce the Finals MVP, everybody knew who it would be instantly. Even though Kyrie deserved that award just as much as Lebron did for his absolutely stellar play, nobody was taking that MVP trophy away from King James. Lebron has worked too hard and put too much commitment to the ultimate goal he achieved last night: bring a title to his hometown. Him getting the trophy was basically a given. He is the leader, superstar, center, voice, and main presence of this team. I can almost guarantee that all of his teammates wouldn’t have wanted it any other way either.

With last year’s Finals not working out well for the Cavs mainly due to injuries, this series was ten times more important. With everybody at full health there was nothing stopping the Cavs, except the Warriors, the team that beat them last year. It was the perfect chance for this Cleveland team to rewrite the past and prove to everyone that they could win the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Centered by the superstar play from Lebron and Kyrie along with crucial contributions from guys like Tristan Thompson, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, and Richard Jefferson, they did exactly that.

But this was more than just a regular series for Lebron. This was the most important series of his life. This was what he had dreamed about since he was a little kid, and with his team at full health this was the best chance to accomplish that dream. Now, of course I’m not Lebron, but this has to be the most special win of his career. The amount of emotion that spilled over him should be enough evidence to say so. This was everything for Lebron and this should by far be the most precious moment of not only his three Finals championships, but his 13-year NBA career as well.

Congratulations to Lebron on getting one for the land and to the Cleveland Cavaliers for proving all the doubters wrong and sticking together to win their first ever NBA championship. This was definitely the greatest series I’ve ever seen, and I’m pretty sure this goes down as one of the best, maybe the best, series there ever was. The Cavaliers and the city of Cleveland all definitely deserve this. The curse is over.



Author: Alex LaRocca

Just a teenager from Jersey who loves to talk about sports

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