Building the Giants Path Back to Contention

With Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese out and Dave Gettleman in, where do the Giants go from here in order to get back to playoff contention next season? Well, lucky for John Mara, I’m going to tell him exactly how to do that, so I hope he’s reading this. Let’s get started:

Hire a legitimate coaching candidate, not another McAdoo

Gettleman’s plans to “win” and “kick ass” are already in full swing after the termination of long-time Vice President of Player Evaluations Marc Ross. It’s great to see him backing up his words, but now he needs to find a legitimate head coach to help him transform this team back to its glory.

As expected, the Giants have been very active the past couple of days setting up interviews with possible candidates around the league. The list is headlined by guys like Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks, and Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, among others. Out of the bunch, I would narrow my choices down to three: McDaniels, Patricia, and Wilks.

McDaniels has grown a lot from his failed stint with the Denver Broncos, and he has rebounded quite nicely with his dynamic Patriots offense since 2012. Patricia is another intriguing option, putting together quality defenses even with limited star power. Both have the added advantage of learning from the best coach in the game, Bill Belichick, and that also gives the Giants an advantage given Belichick’s relationship with the Giants. Wilks is a strong candidate as well because of Gettleman’s familiarity with him and his ability to return an underachieving Panthers defense back to elite-level status in his first year as defensive coordinator.

Cut Eli Apple, figure out costly cap situations

Eli Apple has gone from a promising young corner to a player who causing more disruptions in the locker room than on the field. Yes, he has had an unimaginably rough year personally, with his outspoken mother undergoing brain surgery and his only father figure leaving the family, but his attitude is poisoning the team chemistry that got this them to the postseason in 2016. Mara has expressed his desire to help Apple rather than letting him go, and while that’s a good approach to take, you can’t risk him hurting the team any further. Also, this position is still strong with Janoris Jenkins and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, along with the productive play of Ross Cockrell. This should make Mara and the Giants feel comfortable parting ways with Apple.

In regards to other players being cut, I don’t understand some of you Giants fans. I have seen fans calling for the Giants to get rid of guys like Jenkins, DRC, defensive ends Jason Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon, and even defensive tackle Damon Harrison. All I have to say is, are you nuts? None of these guys, except for maybe DRC, should go. They’ve all been great players and contributors for this team, and they’re right in the middle of their primes. Plus, cutting them would screw the Giants financially. And while DRC makes sense regarding his age and salary, he is still a quality corner and a fantastic leader, so if I were Gettleman I would do whatever I can to hang onto him for at least the duration of his contract. Losing him would hurt a lot, especially with all the drama that’s been taking place lately.

With that being said, there are some guys who could and probably will be shown the door one way or another, including Eli Manning. Like general managers across all sports do every year, Gettleman will have to assess his roster and make moves necessary, one of the more difficult parts about the job.

Keep Eli, but let him know that change is near

I really feel for my guy Eli Manning. The whole benching situation was handled like complete garbage by Reese and McAdoo, and it gets me angry whenever I think about it so let’s move on. Even though it was handled the wrong way, the harsh truth is that we are very close to the end of Manning’s career with Big Blue.

Gettleman has expressed his desire to keep Manning while Manning has expressed his desire to stay, but Gettleman has also made it clear that emotions won’t play a role in any of his decisions and that all he cares about is what’s best for the team. This is why Gettleman must sit down with Eli, which he will do, and let him know that while he would love for him to remain the starting quarterback in 2018, his successor is knocking on the door. Now, whether that’s Davis Webb, a free agent signing, or a draft pick nobody knows. But what we do know, including Manning himself, is that his time is quickly running out, and he has to accept that reality or Gettleman will move on from him, as difficult as that may be.


I mean come on. This has gone on long enough. The Giants offensive line, to put it gently, has sucked. Tackles Ereck Flowers and Bobby Hart can’t block rocks and are cancers in the locker room, plus our two best linemen, left guard Justin Pugh and center Weston Richburg, have had trouble staying healthy and are about to become free agents. Filled with inconsistent veterans and underachieving youngsters, former general manager Jerry Reese ignored this critical unit far too often, which is ultimately is one of the main reasons he was shown the door.

Gettleman was the perfect hire in this regard. Known for building teams through the offensive and defensive lines, Gettleman has immediately begun fixing this unit by waiving Hart and benching Flowers. Gettleman built a very good offensive line in Carolina and helped form the Giants Super Bowl-winning units. This has to be the primary focus of free agency for Gettleman, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will address this weakness once and for all. By next season Giants fans should expect a much improved squad for the first time in a long time.

Explore options with No. 2 pick

One of the few positives of the Giants abysmal season is that they have the second overall pick in April’s draft. The last time they picked this high was 1981, when they drafted a man by the name of Lawrence Taylor. He turned out pretty solid.

The Giants got even better news Wednesday night when UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen and USC quarterback Sam Darnold, widely recognized as the draft’s top two signal-callers, both declared for the draft within minutes of each other. This is a win-win for the Giants, giving them so many different options when draft night arrives. They control their own destiny now. They could take whichever one the Browns pass up, or have their pick between either one if the Browns go a different route, giving them their quarterback of the future. Both are extremely talented and will probably be great pros, but I would take Darnold over Rosen if I had the choice. Rosen is a brilliant passer, but durability and character concerns would probably steer the Giants away from him. Darnold has had turnover issues, but he has rare next-level skills and will hopefully be able to learn from Manning for at least one year.

If Gettleman isn’t set on either one, he can take another revolutionary offensive talent in Penn State running back Saquon Barkley, widely considered the best player in the entire draft. I know a lot of Giants fans want to see them select a quarterback, but I would absolutely love to see Barkley and Odell Beckham, Jr. in the same offense. That would be way too much for opposing defenses to handle, especially with an improved offensive line.

The Giants can also take advantage of other teams and try to trade down to acquire more picks, which might end up making the most sense. If they aren’t in love with any of the guys at No. 2, why not get a wave of picks from a quarterback-needy team? Gettleman, unlike Reese, has moved around the draft boards multiple times and isn’t afraid to do so.

So, with all that being said, Gettleman is in a position that every general manager dreams of being. You’re with one of the NFL’s royalty franchises, with a good amount of talent already in place and two owners who believe in patience, in the biggest media market in the world, a team in which many of the top coaching candidates have at the top of their wish list, and you have a top 2 draft pick. However, this job also comes with an abnormal amount of pressure and criticism if you slip up, so time will only tell how Gettleman will handle all of this. It’s going to be a fun offseason, Giants fans, so get your popcorn ready and enjoy the show.

2017 CBB National Championship: Redemption


What a story for the North Carolina Tar Heels. It’s been the kind of story-book ending for them that is one of the things we love most about sports. We all know what happened to the Tar Heels last year; when they lost in the final seconds as Kris Jenkins of Villanova sunk a heart-breaking buzzer-beater to win the game (just in case you forgot). But the fact that this team was able to bounce back, use last year’s loss as fuel for the future, and re-write the script is nothing short of awesome.

To be honest, though, this game really could have gone either way. If it weren’t for a sudden late-game run that the Tar Heels went on, Gonzaga would have won the game. It was probably one of the worst Championship games I’ve ever seen. It picked up late in the second half a little, but most of the game was plagued by sloppy play and poor shooting from both clubs.

Let’s take a look at some of the numbers. In terms of field goal percentage, Gonzaga came in at 33.9% while North Carolina came in at 35.6%. In terms of 3-point percentage, Gonzaga was pretty solid (42.1%), while North Carolina wasn’t (14.8%). Yeah, that’s right, 14.8%. Ouch. Gonzaga did a poor job protecting the basketball (14 turnovers), which was a huge reason why they lost the game. North Carolina only managed to turn the ball over 4 times, which is a big reason why they won the game. Lots of fouls took place, with each team committing 22. The stats prove that this game was very sloppy and at times frustrating to watch.

Despite the crushing defeat in the end, it was really one hell of a season for Gonzaga. After finishing the regular season 32-1, they still faced a number of doubters in the tournament due to their lack of top-level competition throughout the season. However, Mark Few’s squad was able to silence the doubters completely and prove that they belonged in the same category with the most respected teams in the nation. The championship game was a game in which many of the players who helped them get to this point just didn’t show up. Guard Nigel Williams-Goss, while he finished with 15 points, couldn’t find his shot and was only 5-17. Starting big man Przemek Karnowski (no I didn’t sneeze), who has been so great for the Bulldogs all season, was pretty much nonexistent. Shooting 1-8 from the field while collecting 4 turnovers and 4 fouls, the only spot where Karnowski was helpful was at the free throw line where he shot 7-9. Gonzaga just couldn’t get much going from most of their key players, and that is ultimately what hurt them the most.

With North Carolina, guard Joel Berry II was fantastic. Not really known for being a dynamic scorer, Berry racked up 22 points. That not only was the highest on his team, but of the entire game as well. Aside from Berry leading the way, the Tar Heels got nice contributions from star forward Justin Jackson (16 points), and big man Kennedy Meeks (7 points, 10 rebounds) who had a clutch block in the final minutes to help seal the win. This team, unlike Gonzaga, was able to get good production from their key players, which is ultimately what separated the two.

North Carolina has a big advantage that most big-time college basketball programs don’t have: consistency. Unlike Coach K’s Duke Blue Devils or John Calipari’s Kentucky Wildcats, who have one-and-done superstars every year, Roy Williams has the added benefit of getting to coach mostly the same group of guys for multiple seasons. Therefore a team like North Carolina is the better bet to contend for National Championships most years because they develop chemistry and a better sense of what they have to do in order to be successful. While it’s great to have dozens of one-and-done future NBA players go through your program, that puts you in a worse position to contend for national championships because you only get one season with the majority of your players. You don’t have nearly as much time to build the chemistry that leads to consistent success. That’s why you see a lot of stacked teams like ones Kentucky and Duke have had in the past not fare well once March Madness rolls along. Every year you need to start from scratch and try to transform a new group of guys into a winning team. That’s really hard. And that’s also a big reason why North Carolina is perennially successful while other powerhouses may be really good some years and not so good other years.

So, with all that being said, congratulations to Roy Williams on getting his third national championship and the North Carolina Tar Heels on erasing the bad memories created from last year. It wasnt a pretty game by any means, but a win is a win and it was definitely much deserved.

2017 New York Giants Mock Draft

Miami Hurricanes vs North Carolina Tar Heels

With the 2017 NFL Draft right around the corner, it’s time for me to release my highly-anticipated, world famous New York Giants seven-round mock draft. Enjoy (I hope you’re reading this Jerry).

Round 1: David Njoku, TE, Miami

There are definitely a number of options the Giants could have with their first pick. They could look to beef up their offensive line, especially if some of the top tackles are available, but I could only really see them drafting either Garret Bolles (Utah) or Forrest Lamp (Western Kentucky) and I don’t think either of them will be there at 23. They could look to add to their linebacker core with a guy like Zach Cunningham (Vanderbilt), or maybe their running game with a guy like Christian McCaffrey (Stanford). With all these options the Giants could have on Thursday night, if tight end David Njoku is there when they pick the Giants need to take him.

A New Jersey native, Njoku is one of the most dynamic athletes in this entire draft class. Winning the High Jump National Championship during his senior year at Cedar Grove High School demonstrates just how physically gifted this guy is and previews some of the rare traits he can bring to the NFL. He may not be as complete of a prospect as OJ Howard (Alabama), but Njoku will bring exactly what the Giants need to their tight end group and their offense as a whole. Just imagine the type of damage a lineup consisting of Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall on the outside with Sterling Shepard and Njoku on the inside could create every single Sunday. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Njoku is the perfect play-making tight end that the Giants haven’t had in a long time. This is a guy who has All-Pro potential and can put the Giants offense over the top. They need him.

Round 2: Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan State

With the recent news that defensive tackle Jonathan Hankins decided to sign with the Colts, the Giants now have a hole on the defensive line next to Damon “Snacks” Harrison. They are left with two inexperienced players: 2014 third round pick Jay Bromley and journeyman Robert Thomas. They need someone who can step in and make an immediate impact. McDowell can be that guy.

One of the most talented and physically-gifted players in this draft class, McDowell is also one of the biggest gambles. He has unbelievable talent and athleticism, but character concerns and reports of laziness on the field have hurt his draft stock. This is a player who could be a top-10 pick, he just needs to show he can play like one consistently. His concerns could make him available when the Giants pick in the second round and despite those concerns, with good coaching and leaders around him McDowell can find his motivation and thrive. The Giants would be perfect for McDowell, as he would be starting alongside Jason Pierre-Paul, Olivier Vernon, and Harrison; three great leaders. If the Giants can unlock McDowell’s full potential and fix his flaws, this will be the biggest steal of the draft.

Round 3: Antonio Garcia, OT, Troy

Alright. I’m tired of Jerry Reese and the Giants paying minimal attention to the offensive tackle positions, which has been just a bunch of failed draft picks and veterans who haven’t contributed as expected. This team still believes in 2015 first round pick Ereck Flowers even after two rocky seasons at left tackle, and while it would be great if he finally breaks out this year, the Giants need to have another guy competing with him for that position. Antonio Garcia (Troy) is an intriguing prospect who would make a lot of sense for the Giants in the third round.

Garcia, standing at 6’6″ and 302 lbs., is a big prospect who has outstanding athleticism and quickness. He is a little raw but can turn into a franchise left tackle easily if he gets drafted into the right situation, and the Giants would be a great fit. The Giants need to add as many bodies and as much competition along the offensive line as they can. Garcia is capable of making an immediate impact and developing into a top-shelf tackle in the NFL.

Round 4: D’Onta Foreman, RB, Texas

There have been rumored reports that the Giants are interested in signing 30-year-old power back LeGarrette Blount. Despite these rumors, it would make more sense to draft a young power back to complement Paul Perkins. By drafting a back you can develop a chemistry between the two for years to come, where Blount would most likely be on the decline and he’ll be signed to a short-term deal anyways. In the fourth round, a guy like D’Onta Foreman would be a fantastic value pick.

Foreman (6’0″, 233lbs.) is a big, powerful back with rare athleticism and speed for someone his size. He finished second in the nation last season with 2,028 rushing yards and also produced 15 touchdowns. His stock isn’t as high as it should be due to a loaded running back class and him having only one year of top-level production, but he would be a perfect complement to the speedy and shifty Paul Perkins, helping improve the Giants non-existent rushing attack. Foreman may take some time to develop, but he can still step in and help right away. The young duo of Foreman and Perkins could create a quality 1-2 punch in the running game that the Giants haven’t had in a while.

Round 5: Alex Anzalone, LB, Florida

The Giants defense went through one of the biggest and quickest turn-arounds in NFL history. This unit as a whole was fantastic for most of last year. While the defensive line and secondary are amongst the league’s best, the one weak link of this defense is the linebacking unit.

In Alex Anzalone, we have a very talented player who has been plagued by a long list of injuries throughout his collegiate career. This has limited his production and could result in teams shying away from him on draft day. While he might not slide all the way to the fifth round, it’s definitely possible. And if he does, a first-round talent in the fifth round would be too good for the Giants to pass up, even with their recent habit of staying away from players that have injury concerns. Anzalone has the ideal blend of size, speed, and athleticism to make an immediate impact and take the Giants fantastic defense to the next level. Due to the greatness of their defense, this is the kind of low-risk, high-reward type signing that the Giants can afford to take a gamble on in day three, even if it is at a position of weakness.

Round 6: Tanoh Kpassagnon, DE, Villanova

You can never have enough pass-rushers, and that is a motto the Giants are very familiar with. This team already has two of the best defensive ends in the NFL with Jason Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon, but beyond that lies a bunch of uncertainty. You have second-year undrafted free agent Romeo Okwara, who the Giants like and who showed some promise last season, but you never know how he will pan out. Then there’s third-year man Owa Odighizuwa who has a lot of talent but is one big question mark with the inability to stay healthy and his recent comments about possibly taking some time away from football. So, as you can see, it definitely wouldn’t hurt the Giants to add another guy to this group.

Enter Tanoh Kpassagnon (some of these names I just don’t understand); a raw but insanely physical freak who can become a good player if drafted into the proper fit. Standing at 6’7″ and 289 lbs. of pure muscle with 35-inch arms, Kpassagnon (lets just call him TK) is ridiculous. Playing behind two legitimate leaders in Vernon and JPP (who is an athletic freak that became a star) would be crucial for TK’s development. If the Giants are able to develop TK and make both him and a guy like Okwara valuable edge rushers to take some of the load off Vernon and JPP, then that will be huge for this defense.

Round 7: Aviante Collins, OG, TCU

The Giants have done a solid job of adding depth along the offensive line during free agency, but you can never have enough depth at any position so the Giants should look to add more.

Collins, who put together a fantastic combine performance with a 4.81 40-yard dash and 34 reps on the bench press, has intriguing athleticism and toughness that can result in him having success in the NFL. He is very raw and will be a developmental project, but there is a lot to work with. Collins is a guy who can serve as a backup for his first couple of years, learn from coaches and veterans along the line, and potentially work his way into the starting lineup down the line. In the seventh round, that’s exactly the kind of player every team should aim to draft.



Grading the 2017 “New” York Giants: Free Agency


The New York Giants had much more of a quiet free agency approach this year due to their lack of cap space. While last year they were throwing money around to land top-tier players like it was nothing, this year they mainly focused on retaining their own guys and shopping for bargain-bin free agents. This doesn’t mean the Giants didn’t make some quality moves, however. They made moves that can definitely improve their team this season and get them closer to being Super Bowl contenders. Lets check out my grades and analysis for the 2017 New York Giants:

WR Brandon Marshall

Before free agency officially began, the Giants wasted no time and inked super star wide out Brandon Marshall to a 2-year, $11 million deal. After being released, the former Jets receiver had the Giants as his number one destination. He didn’t want to leave the New York/New Jersey area and he wanted to play for a contender. In the end, this deal worked out perfectly for both Marshall and the Giants.

Marshall fills a huge need in the Giants offense and provides much more of an upgrade than what Victor Cruz brought to the table last year. Not only does Marshall give the Giants that big, tall target they desperately needed, but he also brings an element of physicality and leadership that will pay huge dividends. Odell Beckham Jr. may be one of the best players in the NFL, but he also can be one of the biggest headaches in the NFL. Having a guy who’s been where Odell is right now will be monumental for Odell’s growth and maturity.

Marshall, being only one year removed from a monster season where he racked up 14 touchdowns and over 1,500 yards receiving, gives Eli a legitimate security blanket who would take a huge load off of Odell. Now the Giants possess arguably the NFL’s most dangerous reviving core with the three-headed monster of Marshall, Odell, and second-year man Sterling Shepard. Marshall will be a leader on and off the field, a great locker-room presence, and a big success with Big Blue. This was a match made in heaven that can really put this Giants team over the top.

Grade: A+

TE/FB Rhett Ellison

Blocking in general, whether it was at the offensive line or the skill positions, was a big problem last season. The Giants knew this, so they signed Rhett Ellison, the 6th year TE/FB who will add a much-needed dimension to the offense that was nonexistent last year after Will Johnson got hurt. Ellison, a tough and physical pounder, is a very underrated but smart signing by Jerry Reese and Co.

When I say Ellison is tough and physical, I mean tough and physical. Check out this video of him absolutely destroying Von Miller if you want some proof:

Yeah….that is what he will bring to this Giants offense. I don’t know about you, but seeing that gets me really excited. And aside from tearing his patellar tendon in the Vikings 2015 regular-season finale, Ellison hasn’t suffered any major injuries and has remained relatively healthy. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t that the same injury Victor Cruz had?” Yes it is, but the difference between the two is that Ellison had a much easier road to recovery than Cruz. Also, Cruz’s position required lots of speed and shiftiness, while Ellison’s position really requires none of that. Ellison also made a relatively quick recovery, and he was back for the start of the 2016 season, which is remarkable. That goes to show the kind of effort and determination Ellison has.

This guy will be a nice fit in the Giants offense and he will end up being a valuable piece in terms of helping out the offensive line in run-blocking and pass-protection, and in terms of depth at the tight end position.

Grade: B+

OG/OT DJ Fluker

Finally turning at least a little bit of their attention to the offensive line, Jerry Reese went out and snatched 2013 first-round pick DJ Fluker. In four seasons with the Chargers, Fluker was an average player but mostly considered a disappointment since he never blossomed into the legitimate lineman he was expected to become. Despite his disappointing career up to this point, Fluker is eager and hungry to prove his value in this league and silence all his critics, which is why I think this was a smart signing by the Giants.

By inking Fluker to a one year, $3 million prove-it deal, the Giants are risking close to nothing. If Fluker blossoms into a good player with the Giants, then he’ll play out the deal and try to earn a nice paycheck next offseason. If he remains a disappointment, the Giants can just let him go after this season and they only would have paid him a minimal amount of money. This is a low-risk, high-reward type signing that could make Jerry Reese look like a genius if it works out.

Grade: B+

QB Geno Smith

The Giants shocked and confused many people around the league by signing troubled quarterback Geno Smith to compete for the backup role behind Eli Manning. In four seasons with the New York Jets that were filled with injuries and off-the-field problems, it remains to be seen why the Giants chose to sign Smith after being known to stay away from guys with his kind of history. And coming off a torn ACL last season, Smith is still recovering and probably won’t be fully healthy until training camp.

With all that being said, maybe a change of scenery is what Smith needs. There is no doubt he’s a talented player, possessing great athleticism, arm strength, and a quick release. Ben McAdoo even went the distance to say that Smith could very well be Eli’s successor. While I don’t see that happening at all, if Smith comes back healthy and shows drastic improvement both on-and-off the field, then I guess it’s a possibility. And with a very cheap deal, the Giants have barely any money at all tied into Smith. The most likely scenario, though, is that Smith will either play out his one-year deal as the backup to Eli, or he won’t even make the 53-man roster.

Grade: C

CB Valentino Blake

After losing some depth at the cornerback position when Coty Sensabaugh signed with the Steelers, the Giants quickly took care of that by scooping up 6th-year defensive back Valentino Blake. There isn’t really much to make of this signing. Blake has been a solid role player throughout his time in the NFL while also being a nice special teams contributor. With the top three cornerback spots locked in barring any injuries, Blake probably won’t see a whole lot of time with the defense and will most likely see the majority of his snaps on special teams. Blake will provide veteran depth, though, which is always a valuable asset to have just in case someone does get hurt.

Grade: C+

QB Josh Johnson (re-signed)

What was even more surprising about the Geno Smith signing is that the Giants signed him right after they re-signed backup quarterback Josh Johnson. While it’s clear that they want Johnson and Smith to battle it out for the backup quarterback position in training camp, I still don’t like the Smith signing. Anyway, getting back to Johnson, I like that the Giants brought him back. He is a veteran option who knows the system and will only improve in understanding the playbook this season.

The hope and likely scenario is that neither Johnson nor Smith will ever see the field once the regular season begins. In the one-in-a-billion chance that Eli does get injured, I would feel much more comfortable with Johnson taking over then I would with Smith.

Grade: B

OG John Jerry (re-signed)

The Giants once again turned back their attention to the offensive line by bringing back a familiar face in guard John Jerry, who has started 40 out of 48 games for the Giants while never missing a single game. Jerry, while he isn’t perfect, was a real solid lineman for the Giants last season. He worked extremely hard last offseason and his improvement showed. He earned a Pro Football Focus (PFF) grade of 77 and an 84.1 grade in pass blocking. Those are pretty good numbers.

Jerry, Fluker, and third-year linemen Bobby Hart will provide nice competition on that right side of the line. My prediction is that Jerry will maintain the right guard position, Fluker becomes the starting right tackle, and Hart becomes the main backup at both positions. Jerry was signed to a nice, affordable deal (3 years, $10 million) and can become a leader to the guys he is competing with. The offensive line may not be perfect, but bringing back a guy like Jerry is big because you most likely wouldn’t find anyone better at that spot and Jerry will continue to grow in a system he is now familiar with.

Grade: B+

LB Mark Herzlich (re-signed)

Before the Giants made an effort to retain some of the centerpieces of their defense, they went and brought back some valuable role players as well. That’s exactly what they did when they re-signed 7th-year linebacker Mark Herzlich to a 1-year deal for $855K. Herzlich may not be a starting linebacker, but he is definitely a valuable role player and special teams guy. Herzlich has also been a great leader to this Giants team ever since he was unsigned as an UDFA back in 2011. This is a guy who has overcome a lot and he deserves to be back with the Giants for at least one more year.

Grade: C+


DE Jason Pierre-Paul (re-signed)

The number one goal for the Giants this offseason has been to keep their defense together, with bringing back Jason Pierre-Paul being the most prominent move. Well, a couple of months after slapping him with the franchise tag, the Giants and JPP were able to come to terms on a fresh four-year deal. This was huge for a number of reasons. If the Giants would have lost JPP, that would have been a colossal blow to their elite-ranked defense. With all that time and money spent by Jerry Reese last offseason to improve the unit, it would seem like almost a waste if you lose one of the main centerpieces the following year. The Giants then would have had to desperately try and find guys to make up for JPP’s absence and it would have just turned into one big mess.

While JPP did miss a good part of last season with a groin injury, including their playoff game against Green Bay, when he was healthy he showed that he was just as dominant as before he suffered his infamous July 4th fireworks incident. Besides, JPP is one of those guys who needs to be a Giant for life. It would just look too strange seeing him playing for any other team. Kudos to the Giants for accomplishing their number one goal and retaining their most important free agent for at least the next four years.

Grade: A

LB Keenan Robinson

The Giants most recent transaction was the re-signing of linebacker Keenan Robinson. I, for one, am really happy the Giants and Robinson were able to come to terms on a contract. Robinson was an under-valued piece on this Giants defense, and while his ratings (78th out of 87 qualifiers on PFF) may not be so good, he was definitely our best coverage linebacker. He racked up 86 tackles last season, and he also played his first full 16-game season. Robinson will only continue to grow in the system during year two and should improve in the areas where he wasn’t as strong in.

Grade: B


Super Bowl 51 recap: Brady is the GOAT

Tom Brady

As a Giants fan, I never thought there would ever be a Super Bowl better than Super Bowl 42. I can now say that I was wrong. What happened on February 5 was the greatest football game I have ever seen period. It was everything you love about sports wrapped into 60 minutes of breath-taking football. I’m not the biggest Patriots fan, I’m also not the biggest Tom Brady fan. But after seeing what I saw in Houston, all I can do is accept the fact that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback football has ever seen and New England is arguably the greatest dynasty in sports history. Just don’t forget that the Giants will always be their kryptonite.

Only the Patriots would have been able to pull off an epic second-half like they did, being down by 25-points. Just when you think they’re done and there’s no possible way they can win the game, they prove everyone wrong. They made it look shockingly easy while the Falcons just completely fell apart right before our eyes. It was a pretty wild thing to witness.

Aside from Belichick’s play-calling genius and Brady, who was on fire with 466 yards and 2 touchdowns, New England had a lot of contributors that they couldn’t have won the game without. They got very crucial production from guys like their number one receiver Julian Edelman, who had 87 receiving yards including an unbelievable catch that nobody will ever really understand, receiver Danny Amendola, who had a touchdown and a very important 2-point conversion to tie the game at 28, and most notably running back James White, who had a 2-point conversion and 3 total touchdowns including the one that won the Patriots the game. On the defensive side of the ball guys like defensive end Trey Flowers (2.5 sacks) and star linebacker D’Onta Hightower (1 sack and a forced fumble) came up huge in crucial moments of the game. It was beautiful to see a team come together the way New England did, show no signs of panic or defeat, and fuel a comeback for the ages.

For Atlanta, the blame for the loss can be passed around to a number of different people. People have blamed Dan Quinn for not coaching well enough in the second half, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan for making some costly play calls late in the game that didn’t work out, quarterback Matt Ryan for losing control of the offense, Devonta Freeman for blowing his block that resulted in Ryan fumbling the ball, etc. There’s a litany of candidates, and I think the blame should be placed on all of them. Each one of the candidates had something to do with the loss. It wasn’t any one person’s fault more than it was another person’s fault. They all share the blame. Quinn should’ve done a better job coaching his team in the second half, especially the defense since he is a defensive-minded coach. Shanahan should’ve called more running plays late in the game when they were in field goal range so they could have sealed the game and taken time off the clock. Ryan should’ve done a better job of keeping his guys together as the Patriots were fueling their comeback. Freeman should’ve actually blocked Hightower instead of letting him run right past him.

No matter who there is to blame, this is going to be a loss that will sting for the Falcons for the rest of their lives. Not many people can say they were beating the New England Patriots 28-3 in the Super Bowl. That’s pretty remarkable. However, not many people can say that they blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl. The Falcons can say both. While they certainly don’t mind the first one, the second one is their worst nightmare.

Despite the Atlanta’s historic crash-and-burn, a number of guys played fantastic football for them. Matt Ryan, even with his late game woes, had a pretty solid game with almost 300 yards and 2 touchdowns. Both running backs were effective, as Freeman had 75 yards rushing and a touchdown plus 46 yards receiving, and Tevin Coleman had 30 yards rushing plus a 6-yard receiving touchdown. Superstar wide out Julio Jones was phenomenal. He had 87 yards receiving and despite only having 4 receptions, Jones made a number of insane catches that most people will forget about now due to Edelman’s catch and them losing the game. Rookie tight end Austin Hooper had a nice touchdown early in the game to extend Atlanta’s lead to 14-0. On defense, there was one man who was wreaking havoc all night long, and he isn’t named Vic Beasley. Grady Jarrett, the second year man from Clemson, racked up 3 sacks as the Patriots o-line couldn’t really contain him. Cornerback Robert Alford also had a highlight play when he intercepted Brady and returned it 82 yards for a touchdown, putting Atlanta up 21-0. But, despite all the valuable contributions, the Falcons ultimately couldn’t finish what they started.

This was quite the year in the world of sports, with choking going on in the country’s top three sports. The Golden State Warriors kicked it all off by blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals, then the Cleveland Indians continued the trend by blowing a 3-1 lead in the World Series, and now the Falcons topped it all off by blowing a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl. Despite all this choking, the Warriors and Indians will be fine. As for the Falcons, the jury is still out on them. They’re offense was one of the most dynamic units we’ve seen in years, but they really should strengthen all three levels of their defense if they want another chance at the Lombardi trophy next season and beyond. They also have to get themselves together emotionally and do their best to forget about the loss.

This Super Bowl was pretty fantastic to watch, and I was rooting for Atlanta. The Patriots put on the kind of show that silenced all the doubters forever and cemented themselves as the greatest dynasty in NFL history. Tom Brady can play as long as he wants, and with the way he looked on February 5th, I don’t think anyone would be surprised if he’s still playing 20 years from now. With New England going through a tough season like this, where Brady served a 4-game suspension from Deflategate to start the year, this ends up being more than just another championship. If a report ends up coming out in the future that Belichick was only so great because he installed cameras in other teams practices then so be it. Until that happens, it’s time to appreciate the Patriots’ greatness in the world of sports no matter how you feel about them. In the end, all I can say is I hope Roger Goodell has some tight security around him for the next couple of years.

Building the Giants Perfect Offseason Plan


Despite the crash-and-burn that was Wild Card Weekend, the Giants put together a successful season in which they returned to the postseason for the first time since winning the Super Bowl in 2011. Sure there were the ups and downs, the surprises and disappointments, but in the end there is definitely a lot to be excited about for Giants fans going forward. The Giants have a very important offseason coming up. It’s crucial for them to have success both in free agency and the draft like last year in order to seriously contend for a championship while Eli Manning is still under center, which isn’t much longer.

Last season was a fantastic offseason for the Giants. They spent a truckload of money on durable defensive stars to turn the league’s worst unit in 2015 to one of the league’s best in 2016. They also had a very productive draft class where even a number of undrafted free agents became quality contributors for this team. It was exactly what they needed, but they’re going to need it again.

It’s going to be harder for the Giants to add quality pieces this offseason with a number of players becoming free agents, less cap space, and a lower draft pick. But they can do it. If they follow my guide to another successful offseason, the Giants will win the franchise’s 5th Super Bowl next season for sure. The cheat sheet is right here, all Jerry Reese needs to do is read this article. You’re welcome Jerry. With that, let’s dive in:

Bring back Jason Pierre-Paul

The Giants have a number of their own free agents who they would like to re-sign, but at the top of the list should be Jason Pierre-Paul. JPP has been cornerstone for this team ever since getting drafted 15th overall in 2010. He is one of the NFL’s most explosive pass rushers and he proved this season that he can still be elite even with 7 1/2 fingers due to his July 4th fireworks accident.

JPP isn’t coming cheap, he’s reportedly only signing a long-term deal for around what the Giants paid Olivier Vernon last year. That’s going to be a lot of money invested into the defensive line, but it’s worth it. When healthy the triple threat of JPP and Vernon along with Snacks in the middle was absolutely dynamic. Jonathan Hankins is another key guy becoming a free agent. He is a very good player but his game is too similar to Snacks. They need more of a pass rushing presence to pair with Snacks on the inside rather then two run-stuffers.

The Giants know what they have in JPP. He may have trouble staying on the field at times, but they can’t risk losing a proven talent like him. If JPP goes somewhere else the defensive line will have a big hole and the Giants will be forced to go with a bunch of unproven options. The Giants need JPP and need to do everything in their power to keep him.

Keep DRC, cut Cruz and Jennings

Cutting players is never easy, and the Giants are going to be faced with a number of tough decisions this offseason. Players like cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, wide receiver Victor Cruz, and running back Rashad Jennings are veterans who are getting paid a good amount of money and might need to be let go in order to clear up cap space. What the Giants should do is keep DRC and cut Cruz and Jennings, and there are a number of reasons for this.

In the beginning of the season I understand why DRC would be on the hot seat, especially with the selection of Eli Apple in the first round of last year’s draft, but now the Giants would be insane to let him go. DRC had arguably the best season of his career this season, racking up 49 tackles and 6 interceptions while splitting time on the outside and in the slot. He was named a Second Team All-Pro and proved he’s still a top corner in the NFL. He also serves as a quality leader for the younger guys in the secondary like Apple. The Giants need to keep him around.

When it comes to Cruz, this one breaks my heart. Ever since coming into the league Cruz has been my absolute favorite player and I adore both him and his story. But he just isn’t the same player that he was before his two major leg injuries. This season he managed 39 receptions for 586 yards and only 1 salsa dance which came all the way back in Week 1. He was moved to the outside a lot of the time with rookie Sterling Shepard playing the slot, and you could tell he didn’t look as comfortable there. Cruz is slated to make around $10 million in 2017, and the Giants can save a large amount of money by cutting him. It just makes too much sense. That is simply too much money tied into your third wide receiver who is now a shell of his former self. We all love you Vic, none of us want this to happen, but unfortunately it’s time to move on.

With Jennings, this is another fan favorite amongst Giants fans. Since being signed by the Giants in 2014, Jennings has become a leader and valuable role model for younger players. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to him, but his production and salary just don’t add up. Last season especially, Jennings struggled to do much at all when he had the ball in his hands. Too often he produced a series of 1-yard runs and didn’t make it past the line of scrimmage a whole lot. He only put together 794 all-purpose yards, scoring 4 total touchdowns in the process. He is also 31, so his game is on the decline. The Giants want to build their ground game around promising rookie Paul Perkins and add another back via the draft most likely. They can save around $3 million by cutting Jennings, and even though it will be difficult to see such a loyal and popular player go, the Giants need to make this move.


Find a legit left tackle already

Just writing about this pisses me off. The Giants have overlooked the most important position on the offensive line for long enough now, and it needs to stop in order for this team to be successful. The right guard and right tackle positions along with the overall depth of the line could use some strengthening as well, but left tackle is the most important need. Especially with a 36-year-old Eli Manning at quarterback who is on the decline, the already huge need for an adequate blindside protector becomes even bigger.

Ereck Flowers isn’t going to cut it. I know Reese and Ben McAdoo are going to continue to try and defend the 2015 1st-round pick all they can, but it’s time to recognize the mistake that’s been made and move him to the right side. I mean Flowers has just been awful. When he isn’t getting flagged for holding he’s actually shoving edge rushers into Eli. I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to do that. Flowers is the perfect example of why technique is more important than physical abilities. Hopefully by moving him to the right side it will save Reese from yet another wasted draft pick.

It would be best for the Giants to go out and grab an established veteran through free agency. They don’t have the time to put another rookie or unproven player in there and wait for him to develop. They need someone who can step in and contribute right away. Andrew Whitworth, the 11-year man from the Cincinnati Bengals, would be the perfect signing. At 35, Whitworth is a proven veteran who knows how to get the job done. He made the Pro Bowl each of the last two seasons (including this season) and made First Team All-Pro in 2015, which proves he’s still playing at an elite level despite his age. He may not be a long-term solution, but he is the perfect win-now option. Eli will feel very comfortable having a left tackle close to his age. Sign him to a two-year deal, add an experienced leader to that line like Whitworth and it will go a long way next season.

Draft OJ Howard

The Giants need another tight end. Larry Donnell should be cut immediately. What was once a guy who looked like a hidden gem has become a turnover waiting to happen whenever he catches a pass. Will Tye is a reliable chain-mover, and rookie Jerell Adams is raw but he showed flashes this season. I expect Adams to take a big step next season, but the Giants still need to add another tight end to the mix. That guy should be Alabama star OJ Howard. Yes there will be good options in free agency and some might think it makes more sense to focus on a tight end later in the draft since this draft class is the deepest we’ve seen in years, but taking Howard with your first round pick is definitely the best option.

When you look at Howard’s game, he is as well-rounded as they come. Like everybody there are some things in his game that he could touch up on, but there aren’t any major weaknesses. He has great size and strength at 6’6″ and 250 lbs. He has great hands, route running ability, and breakaway speed. He’s also proven to be a very strong blocker in the running and passing game. He’s an intelligent guy and a team player, and you can tell he’s serious about maximizing his full potential by staying at Alabama an extra year. While it is uncertain, even to Howard, as to why he got relatively low usage at Alabama, Howard has played well enough to prove he’s the best tight end prospect in this stacked class. He balled out this past week at the Senior Bowl, which will only help his draft stock even more.

Howard is the kind of player who can step right in immediately and help the Giants offense. He would give Eli a much-needed security blanket and take pressure off guys like Odell and Shepard. With the way his stock is rising it may be more unlikely that he’s available when the Giants pick, but this team needs Howard and they should do whatever they can to make sure he’s on the roster next season.

Start to focus on Eli’s successor, but don’t rush it

That time all Giants fans have been avoiding for years has unfortunately arrived. Eli Manning may still have a few more seasons left in the NFL, but it’s time to start thinking about who will take over once he retires. However, while this season is a good time to start looking at quarterbacks who can be potential replacements, that doesn’t mean you go out of your way to draft one and call the offseason a failure if you don’t find anybody you like. The last thing anybody wants is Jerry Reese making a panic move for a guy the Giants aren’t even sure they want.

Since it would make the most sense for the Giants to draft and develop Eli’s replacement, this offseason should be the time where the Giants start looking at quarterbacks beyond this draft class. Unless Deshaun Watson or Deshone Kizer fall to them, which probably won’t happen, the Giants shouldn’t be banking on this draft class to be the one where they find their man. The 2016 class isn’t a particularly strong one for quarterbacks, with even the top guys plagued with question marks. Now that might not matter as much with the Giants cause they won’t need a guy to step in right away, but it’s still definitely something to consider. Patrick Mahomes II out of Texas Tech is the only guy I could see being a nice mid-round pick if he lasts that long, but the Giants might want to focus on more immediate needs.

Maybe the Giants will pull together a blockbuster trade for a quarterback already in the NFL. We don’t know, but you have to admit it would be pretty cool to see Jerry Reese do something like that. However they choose to land Eli’s successor is up to them, but even Jerry Reese knows it’s time to start looking. Ryan Nassib isn’t the answer. Josh Johnson definitely isn’t the answer. It’s time to start getting your feet wet and taking a look at the options you have going forward.

Don’t forget about linebacker, running back, etc.

Lastly, the Giants could really use some upgrading in multiple positions. Linebacker is the most glaring one, but they also need to add another running back and receiver. These aren’t as major as the needs in the offensive line or at tight end, but they should be strengthened to make the team more well-rounded.

The one weakness of the Giants stellar defense this season was the linebacking group. Steve Spagnuolo lacked a big-time playmaker at the linebacker position and it would have been really useful to have one. Jonathan Casillas proved to be a true leader for the defense and had a good year all around, racking up almost 100 tackles. Devon Kennard shredded the injury-prone label this season and had a solid year overall, while free agent signees Keenan Robinson and Kelvin Sheppard were solid contributors who I think should be brought back. You also got rookie 4th-round pick B.J. Goodson who was really good on special teams and should get a lot more playing time with the defense going forward. But the Giants really need to add a dynamic linebacker to take the defense to the next level. There are a number of ways Reese can attack this. The draft offers some promising options, and maybe Reese will break his trend of not drafting linebackers in the first round by drafting a guy like Zach Cunningham from Vanderbilt or Tim Williams from Alabama. They could also try and sign a linebacker via free agency like Melvin Ingram or Nick Perry. Whatever they do they should definitely try and add a legit playmaker to this group.

When it comes to running back the Giants already have a guy who can be a feature back in this league with rookie 5th-round pick Paul Perkins. Perkins showed great vision, speed, and shiftiness when given a chance and a lot of people are excited about him. However, just cause they have something with Perkins doesn’t mean the Giants couldn’t use a big and powerful runner to pair up with Perkins. The really could and they really should get one. They could look to free agency at guys like Eddie Lacy or LeGarrette Blount, but I think they should try and draft D’Onta Foreman from Texas instead. Foreman rushed for over 2,000 yards this year and has the ideal blend of size, speed, and strength to excel in the NFL. when it comes to adding another receiver the Giants need to bring in a big-bodied guy. Odell and Sheppard are fantastic players but they stand at 5’11” and 5’10” respectively. Throw in a guy with size and this can be the most dynamic receiving core in the game. Think guys like Alshon Jeffery or Terrelle Pryor in free agency, assuming they hit the market.

As I mentioned before, this is going to be an extremely important offseason. It might even be more important than last year. Jerry Reese is once again going to be put under the ultimate general manager test following an 11-5 season. We’ll see if he can keep at least the majority of the defense together while improving major needs on the offense under a limited cap and a draft pick in the early 20’s. If he does, then the Giants very well might be holding up that 5th Lombardi at this time next year.


The Sky is the Limit for Jalen Hurts

Despite a heartbreaking loss to Clemson in the National Championship a couple of weeks ago, there is a lot to look forward to and it all starts with the freshmen phenom at quarterback: Jalen Hurts. Throughout the entire season Hurts showed that he is going to be a special player for the Tide and whatever NFL team is lucky enough to draft him going forward.

Hurts was a 4-star recruit coming out of Channelview High School in Channelview, Texas. He put up some remarkable numbers throughout his high school career, but his senior year was the most impressive as he passed for 2,384 yards and 26 touchdowns, while almost matching that production running the ball with 1,391 yards and 25 touchdowns. Ranking among the top dual threat quarterbacks in his class, and after drawing lots of national attention, Hurts committed to Alabama and wasted no time entering Nick Saban’s system.

Coming in as a true freshmen, Hurts quickly drew the attention of coaches and teammates during practices with his pretty passes, but more so with his feet. Reminding everyone of his freakish lower body strength, he’s squatted up to 570 pounds as a powerlifter in high school, Hurts would run around the field every single play like it was nothing, leaving defenders out of breath trying to catch him. He impressed Saban so much that by Week 2 he had beaten redshirt freshmen and 5-star recruit Blake Barnett for the starting job. Hurts became the first true freshmen to start at quarterback for the Crimson Tide since 1984, and he didn’t disappoint.

After a sloppy start where he fumbled his first snap, Hurts silenced the butterflies, shook off the rust, and never looked back. As the season progressed Hurts definitely seemed to display a lot more confidence and became much more comfortable taking command of the offense. It isn’t easy to start for the most dominant program in college sports, especially when your only 18 and one year removed from high school, but Hurts did an excellent job.

Looking absolutely nothing like a freshmen, Hurts threw for 2,780 yards and 23 touchdowns, while adding nearly 1,000 more yards and 13 more touchdowns with his feet. He led the Tide to a 13-0 record in the regular season and took them all the way to the National Championship, while breaking many school records and landing himself on the short list of Heisman candidates in the process. He consistently showed how talented he is and left defenses clueless on how to stop him time and time again. Whenever he turned the ball over or somebody made a mistake, Hurts didn’t show any emotion whatsoever and acted like he forgot it even happened seconds after it occurred. That is the kind of attitude that scouts will go crazy over since many NFL veterans have a hard time learning this. The fact that Hurts already possesses that mentality at 18 years old makes him even more impressive and will draw him even more attention from NFL teams. Hurts will be watched very closely over the remainder of his collegiate career by just about every scout there is.

The great thing about Hurts is that he has so much time to improve and develop. He is far from a perfect quarterback, but he is miles ahead of what you would expect from someone his age. He needs to improve his pocket presence and overall passing ability while touching up on other things, but nothing major. And when he does improve his weaknesses, he can easily be one of the most hyped NFL prospects in history.

The fact that he didn’t redshirt also gives Hurts a huge advantage over other quarterbacks since he has more playing experience under his belt. And on top of all that, he’s already played at the biggest stage in college football, so he has seen everything there is to be seen before he even turns 19. Oh and lets not forget, he’s basically already playing for an NFL offense, and Alabama will get the absolute best out of him during these next couple of years.

A lot of people who saw Hurts play this season would probably think he’s been Alabama’s quarterback for the past three years and is ready to declare for the 2017 NFL Draft. The craziest thing about this whole thing is that if Hurts were to declare for the NFL Draft this year, even though we all know he can’t, he would probably be a mid-round pick at least. His production this past season and truckload of upside would have been more than enough for one NFL team to pull the trigger on him and make him their quarterback of the future. He’s that advanced for his age.

It’s scary to even imagine how good Hurts will be by the time he’s ready to declare for the draft, which will be 2019 at the earliest. Next season will be a huge year for him with everybody in the country eager to see how he follows up his freshmen campaign and rebounds after coming up short in the National Championship.

So don’t worry about the loss Bama fans. It happens to everyone, even the best. Alabama is superior to every other team in college football every year and knowing them they’ll most likely win it all next season after the avalanche of top prospects they’re going to land in the coming months. But as long as Jalen Hurts is leading the way under center then you shouldn’t be worried about anything at all. National Championships and Heisman trophies are just the beginning for Hurts. He is one of the most special football players that’s been seen in a long time, and he has the abilities both on and off the field that can make him a superstar on every level. Roll Tide.